13 janv. 2012

A new start in 2012!

Hey all,

As you noticed, I modified quite a bit my blog these last few days:

- it is now written in English language to grab a larger audience, from now on. All previous posts, dealing with the PPL course, will remain in French though.

- it is now hosted on a brand new domain, FRANCK-MAYDAY.COM

This is a new start for 2012, hope you'll still be happy to hear from me :o) !
Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year. Lotta fun, flights and stories to tell.

Last december, I didn't flew much! Either both DR42 were under maintenance, either the weather was too bad...

Once, I scheduled a flight with my stepfather, but I couldn't make this bloody plane start! Humidity? Coldness? Nevertheless, I had to offer him several coffees for compensation! Sorry again... We just sat back then and watched the traffic on the runway!

This week seems to get colder but the sky is clear, hope I'll fly soon.
Stay tuned...

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi Franck,

    I wish all the best to you and your familly for this new year!

    I do like the modifications you've made on your blog, especially the fact that now you are writting in english.

    You wrote that it was to grab more people but aren't you affraid that many french readers won't be able to follow you anymore?

    Anyway, that's a great idea!
    Maybe i'll do the same, but i'm to lazy and not good enough to write an entire article in english.

    Fly safe and enjoy your flights!
    Take care.

    1. Thank you m8 for your neverending support!
      I think switching to English is worth to try and french ppl would still be behind me as they can just watch videos or translate posts using many tools if required... wait and see...